E-commerce eBooks from Ros Company Store # 1

Vintage, Collectibles, Antiques, etc. – Sales

1. “Sell Vintage And Thrift Store Items On eBay.com for High Profits” course

“New Fun Ebook! This Book Shows The Top Thrift Store Vintage Items To Sell On eBay.com For Outrageous Profits. Actual Auctions Shown, Amazing Tips And Tricks. Zero Investment Information And Handy Shopping Guide Included”.

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2. “Learn About eBay, Antiques and Collectibles” course

“I Want Collectibles Provides Tips And Advice For Anyone With An Antiques, Collectibles Or eBay.com Business! Learn About Buying And Selling Antiques And Collectibles, eBay Consignment, And General eBay Buying And Selling Tips”.

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3. “Successful Antique Hunting Secrets REVEALED” course

“Find Out How Antique Experts Operate On The ‘back end’. GET THE EXPERT Antique Buyers’ PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE. Discover the Antique Hunting Secrets You’ve ALWAYS Wanted to Know and Study Antiques. BECOME AN EXPERT ANTIQUE BUYER AND NEGOTIATOR. Buy Twice as Many Antiques for Only Half Your Usual Cash Outlay”.

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